"We have to learn about the conditions that set the problem in the course of trying to solve it."
(Noam Chomsky, 2008, On Phases, p.135)

Talks & Presentations

Talks & Presentations

For the complete list of research, please see my Curriculum Vitae.

I will upload one file per day (Sorry for my slow work)


  • Narita, Hiroki (2018). Where is label(ing)?/ラベルはどこにあるのか. Keio Linguistics Colloquium, Keio University, March 18th, 2018. (Handout PDF)


  • Narita, Hiroki (2015). The Autonomy of Syntax since Aspects: Revisited from a Merge-only Perspective./Aspectsからみる統辞法の自律性:併合理論からの再考. Paper presented at the Keio Linguistic Colloquium, Keio University, July 11th, 2015. (Handout PDF)

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