"We have to learn about the conditions that set the problem in the course of trying to solve it."
(Noam Chomsky, 2008, On Phases, p.135)

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On the notion "phase": is it virtually conceptually necessary?

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09 12

Currently, everybody in the minimalist camp talks about phases, but it seems fair to say that this notion itself is still up in the air, and we don’t know what it is, or what minimalism should assume it is. Phases seem to give us a lot, but I am really worried about the independent justification […]

How syntax naturalizes semantics: A review of Uriagereka (2008)

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08 20

My review of Juan Uriagereka’s Syntactic Anchors finally came out in Lingua recently. The bibliographical detail is: Narita, Hiroki (2009b). How Syntax Naturalizes Semantics. A review of Juan Uriagereka’s (2008) Syntactic Anchors: On Semantic Structuring. Lingua 119(11):1767-1775. You can download a pre-final version of this paper at my website: http://www.people.fas.harvard.edu/~narita/ – Hiroki