"We have to learn about the conditions that set the problem in the course of trying to solve it."
(Noam Chomsky, 2008, On Phases, p.135)


Hiroki Narita

1. name:

成田 広樹 / Hiroki NARITA


2. website:



3. affiliation:

2016.4- : 東海大学文学部英語文化コミュニケーション学科Tokai University, Faculty of Letters, Department of English

2014.4-2016.3: 日本大学生産工学部Nihon University, College of Industrial Technology

2011.4-2014.3: 早稲田大学高等研究所Waseda Institute for Advanced Study


4. education:

2007-2011: Harvard University; Department of Linguistics (PhD in linguistics)

2005-2007: Sophia University; Department of Linguistics (MA in linguistics)

2001-2005: International Christian University; College of Liberal Arts (BA in liberal arts)


5. Academic Interests:

biolinguistics, syntax, semantics, syntax-semantics interface, syntax-phonology interface, comparative linguistics, Principles and Paremeters’ Approach, the Minimalist Program, generative grammar, Cartesian Linguistics, philosophy of language.


6.  Research:

Please see Papers for some of my downloadable research papers in linguistics.

For details, please see my Curriculum Vitae.


7. hobby:

Singing a cappella, karaoke.  I am a member of a cappella group QUINTUS since 2005.


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